Lynn Roos

Clinic: Barnes Chiropractic Health and Fitness

Starting Weight: 340 lbs

Current Weight: 157.6 lbs

During the intro session, my coach said “I am sorry” when he heard I had lost over 100 lbs. multiple times before in my life. He promised he would teach me the healthy way to lose weight. I then looked at him and said “losing the weight is not my problem, keeping it off is”. He quickly replied that he would be able to give me the tools, to teach me how to eat, to live, that I was “never going back”. I jumped into this thing called “Ideal Protein” and was so sick for three days. I had been told this would happen, to hang in there and late in the afternoon on the third day, something exciting began to happen … I felt energy like I had never felt before! From that day forward, my life changed! I was no longer living to eat, I began to eat to live... To move like I had never moved in many years! And to top it off, I was eating crispy squares, wafers, mug cakes, all sorts of snacks… YUM! I began to eat vegetables called celery root, rutabaga, kale, chayote squash, things I had never even heard of before.

Josh Kohl

Clinic:Ideal Weight Solution - Wassau, WI

Starting Weight: 615 lbs

Current Weight: 324 lbs

My name is Josh Kohl, and I am 36 years old. I have been addicted to sugar and carbs for most of my life. Kindergarten or first grade, my weight was already out of control. I got singled out because I was overweight. And so, I looked for comfort, and the one place I could always find comfort was in food. And so I just kept eating, and I just kept getting bigger and bigger.

"I couldn’t enjoy life at 684 pounds. I was living, but I wasn’t alive. "

Wil G.
Clinic:Ideal Weight Clinic Inc. - ,

"I started losing weight pretty much immediately, if that’s not self-motivating, I don’t know what is."

The Dixons

Clinic:Lilly Pad Health & Wellness Connections - Waterloo, Ontario (ON)

Starting Weight: 400 lbs

Current Weight: 279 lbs

I grew up in a traditional family, my mother loved to cook. We always had nice big meals with meat, potatoes, gravy and all became part of my regular diet. When I became a mother, I gained about 20lbs with each child. Eventually I was over 250lbs and my health had really deteriorated, my husband Chris had to help me with everything. For a woman my age that was really humiliating. When I was recommended to Ideal Protein, I knew Chris and I had to do it together, it was the only way.

"Since losing 65lbs we went down east. I walked the Cabot Trail. Over the 8 kilometers I didn't have to slow down or break my pace at all, just hiking up, hiking down. I only stopped to take wasn't a struggle at all!"

Chad Lucas

Clinic:Ideal Diet Center - Buffalo, NY

Starting Weight: 432 lbs

Current Weight: 216 lbs

My name is Chad Lucas, I was born with a water mass on my calf muscle. And it turned into a fibrosarcoma tumor. I think it was the two and a half, almost three, they basically took the kneecap off and separated the two bones. I would say probably on 4th grade is when food became my best friend. That took away all the pain that I had, that I was trying to deal with. I knew I had to do something.

"My Mom took can’t out of my vocabulary. And I never really understood why, until the journey that I have gone through with my coach Sheri. "

Dr. Paul Wilson

Clinic:Ideal Body For You - Clinton, MD

Starting Weight: 420 lbs

Current Weight: 235 lbs

I would tell my Mom that I can not let you be afraid that you are gonna lose me. For most of my life I was overweight. And in 2016, I weighed 420 pounds. I was morbidly obese. I thought I would never weight over 300 pounds. It’s about 4 major diets that I followed, I did lose the weight but I gained it back.

"The Ideal Protein program helped me to realize, it started out as a dream, but the dream has come true. I knew that this was the answer that I needed so I could tell my mother that she didn’t have to worry about me anymore."