Office Manager

Dara enjoys working with the coaches at our Vienna location. Originally from North Carolina, Dara moved to Virginia in 2018 and began working at Children's National Hospital as a Medical Scribe. She studied pre-medicine at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. She has learned many things since graduating, including her interests in education and nursing. Dara has goals to become a Doctor of Nursing and provide primary care to families and women. For now, she enjoys her clinical work as well as her contribution to helping people maintain healthier lifestyles as our office manager and a yoga teacher. 


Wellness Coach

Pam studied Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and worked for 10 years teaching Water Aerobics, Aqua Zumba, swim lessons, and physical therapy. Pam loves the water but also loves to lift heavyweights in the gym. She is driven to expose what others are capable of through her care and guidance, and will do whatever she can to help you achieve the best you!  


Wellness Coach

Alina lost 73 pounds in 2015 using the Ideal Protein protocol at Ideal Body Wellness. Her experience inspired her to become an Ideal Protein coach and share what she had learned with others.  Alina's favorite part of coaching is all of the wonderful people she gets to work with! She is always going above and beyond to make sure everyone she coaches has the best experience possible. Alina currently coaches at the Palisades and Tyson locations, in addition to being the lead coach at IMF.  One of her clients is her very own mother who resides all the way in Romania. With Alina’s help, her dear mother is down 57 lbs and off high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic medication!

Virginia: 703-659-4103


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